Nongshim Holdings

A powerful takeoff to become
a global food company.
Nongshim is moving toward the world together
with our customers.

Nongshim Holdings

A pure holding company
of Nongshim Group.

Nongshim Holdings was established on July 1, 2003 to maximize the shareholder value by improving corporate governance, raise management efficiency and strengthen responsible management.


It is committed to making Nongshim grow sustainably by establishing/implementing policies and strategies for the future development of Nongshim in the 21st century.


We will ensure the independent and responsible management system of subsidiaries and improve the investment value by conducting reasonable management evaluation.


We will achieve the maximum performance by supporting each subsidiary to focus its capability on its own business.


We will be a good company that creates shareholder values by securing competitive edge in the fierce international competition in the 21st century.

Nongshim Holdings branch information
Address 7F, Nongshim Building, 112, Yeouidaebang-ro, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Tel +82-2-820-7114
Fax +82-2-820-7828
상장회사, 비상장회사 농심홀딩스의 자회사 지분율(단위 %) 지분율 - 농심eng100%, 농심 32.72%, 율촌화학 31.94%, 태경농삼 100%, 농심개발 96.92%
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