Youlchon Foundation

Youlchon Foundation intends to provide
opportunity and passion to the youth
through various
scholarship programs and
education support projects.


Nurturing talent and scholarship program

Youlchon foundation is committed to scholarship program, projects to support academic, cultural and research activities and education projects that elevate the love and healthy passion of the youth.

Hwaam Scholarship Association, which had run a scholarship program since its establishment on June 11, 1955, was taken over by chairman Shin Choon-ho, chairman of Nongshim Group in 1984 and was renamed as Youlchon Scholarship Association. In 1998, it was renamed to Youlchon Foundation, expanding the scope of support to scholarship, support for academic research, support for academic research organizations and groups, publications and distribution, and support for nature experience activities for the youth. Chairman Shin Choon-ho contributed the property of 8 billion won to the foundation after he was inaugurated as the president of the foundation and has provided an opportunity for the youth who have courage and passion to realize their dreams focusing on agricultural and vocational school students.

The foundation recognized the importance of education on Chinese characters in business so it made Korean textbook for elementary school, middle school, and high school in both Korean and Chinese so that students can learn by themselves. To make the textbook, late Nam Gwang-woo, a Korean language scholar, professor Lee Eung-baik and professor Jeong Woo-sang selected Chinese characters necessary for each training course so that students can develop basic skills to learn Chinese characters and read and write masterpieces by incorporating good writings and sentences. In addition, the foundation is making an effort to make the youth, the future of us, have a good mind and proper values by participating in the project to support nature experience activities for the youth.

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