Social Contribution

Nongshim will take the lead in making the world
a better place to live with the culture of
giving back to the society.

Nongshim CSR Group

Willingly share the things I have with
my neighbors and pursue
the happiness

This is the philosophy of Nongshim under Nongshim Philosophy, which is one of the three core values of ‘Gae-Mul-Seong-Mu’, ‘Nongshim Philosophy’ and ‘Do-Yeon Spirit’. Nongshim established CSR group in March 2007 as we are a global food company pursuing happiness and health together with customers. It is conducting CSR activities actively.

Philosophy and System of Nongshim CSR group

CSR philosophy has the purpose of realizing
sustainable management and contributing to the development of local community by fulfilling social responsibilities and conducting eco-friendly economic activities.

Accordingly, we want to become a company together with the local community for a long time by setting the CSR direction to Nongshim type volunteer activities, CSR programs incorporating the characteristics of food company and CSR activities that meet the needs of local community.
Under the slogan of “Making the world a better place to live with Nongshim”, Nongshim CSR group is composed of steering committee and CSR group for each business places: HQ, Anyang, Anseong, Asan, Gumi, Busan, Noksan factories. Each business place establishes annual activity plan to conduct CSR activities together with local community by donating products to groups and facilities in need of help and volunteering activities.

Major activities

Nongshim is taking the lead in making the world a better place to live by giving back to the society. Nongshim has conducted CSR activities in earnest by establishing CSR group in March 2007. Each business place establishes annual activity plan to provide products to shelters and groups in need and conduct volunteer activities to become ‘a company that is together with local community for a long time.’
Support for children with leukemia and cancer
Children’s Day event
Happy fund for sharing
Support for food bank
Support undernourished children on the occasion of the World Food Day
Local environment purification
Helping hands for farmers
Emergency relief activities
Product donation and volunteer activities
Every month since March 2018, Nongshim has provided Baeksansoo to 320 families with children who have leukemia and childhood cancer through the Korea Pediatric Leukemia Association. To commemorate World Pediatric Cancer Day (February 15), Nongshim is releasing a limited edition Baeksansoo with artworks selected through a painting contest for children with leukemia and childhood cancer. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to support projects for children with cancer. In addition, various love-sharing activities are being promoted, such as the 'Life Sharing Blood Donation Campaign' and 'Heart Trekking to Raise Awareness of Pediatric Cancer' by an employee group.
On every Children’s Day, Nongshim has held an event since 2008 by decorating square in front of Nongshim HQ in Shindaebang-dong into a snack park where children can play and receive gifts as well as participate in experience program together with family. Nongshim has held such event on every Children’s day to provide unforgettable memory to children who are the hope of our future. So far, a total of 32,000 sets of gits have been delivered to children on Children’s Day.
Since May, 2007, ‘happy fund for sharing’ where all employees and executives participate voluntarily has been managed. The fund raised has been used for neighbors in need such as low-income family, the elderly who live alone and social welfare facilities. The scope of sharing has been expanded by providing relief supplies and ramyun to disaster-hi areas in other countries. Happy fund that has been raised is about 1.53752 billion won out of which, 1.3 7251 billion won has been spent.
We have promoted food donation to provide a meal to low income groups which are in difficulties due to food shortages such as undernourished children, elderly people who live alone and people with disabilities staying at home. Nongshim donated about 800 million won in 2020 through food banks across the nation and plans to expand the scale of support.
On the occasion of the World Food Day (Oct. 16), , Nongshim delivered Happy Sharing Box through Green Umbrella Child Fund to 2,000 households to support single parent families and grandparent-headed families and agreed to support children continuously by signing an MOU.
Nongshim has been conducting environmental cleanup campaigns around business places across the country. Our employees and executives have been participating in Seoul Boraemae Park caring, planting trees in mountains around factories, cleaning nearby roads and stream purification activities.
Nongshim has formed a sisterhood relationship with rural villages near each business place and conducted volunteer activities regularly to help farmers every year. In particular, we are making an effort for win-win growth with the local community by improving cultivation technology, increasing yield, and increasing farm households income for farmers with whom superior potato production agreement is made.
Nongshim is delivering the relief aid to areas which require supplies urgently due to earthquake, wild fire, and diseases. In particular, Nongshim delivered 200,000 packs of Shin Ramyun and 6,000 boxes of rice noodles to vulnerable people and health professionals who were in difficulties due to COVID-19 in 2020.
Volunteer activities at the business place level: free lunch, support for products used in welfare facilities - Matching each division/office for activities such as free lunch at the senior welfare centers, supporting food ingredients, providing care and snacks for child care centers. - Product sponsorship for local events such as welfare-sharing festival, Hanmaeum festival and health walking festival. - Supporting various kinds of products to senior welfare facilities, children welfare facilities and facilities for people with disabilities and conducting volunteer activities.

Helping Neighbors at the
End of the Year

Sharing Shin Ramyun with loveSharing Shin Ramyun with love
Sharing Shin Ramyun with love
Since December 2008, Nongshim has been supporting 3,000 boxes of Shin Ramyun every year to low-income families through Dongjak Welfare Foundation. By expanding to all business sites, a total of 62,000 boxes of Shin Ramyun have been delivered so far.
Providing Kimchi to low-income familiesProviding Kimchi to low-income families
Providing Kimchi to low-income families
We provided Kimchi (10kg) to low-income seniors to help seniors who are socially and physically marginalized. In 2018, 123 households were supported and we will continue this kind of sharing to make marginalized people feel the warmth in the cold weather.
Sharing briquet with the energy poorSharing briquet with the energy poor
Sharing briquet with the energy poor
Nongshim has been sharing briquet before the winter comes every year since 2009. Because we thought that like a warm meal of ramyun, briquet can give the energy of vitality and support to our neighbors and households in need of help. As of 2022, a total of 34,000 briquettes and daily necessities have been donated.
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