Noghshim Flour Mills

We will lead the development of the
processing industry.


A grain flour processing
company that leads the rice
processing technology

Nongshim Flour Mills is one of the largest grain flour processing companies in the world, equipped with a fine powder manufacturing facility with fine powder processing capacity of 4 tons per hour, R&D/analysis center and a pilot plant.

The purpose of this company is to provide ingredients for rice noodles, rice ramyun and rice snack of Nongshim internally and contribute to the increase of farmers’ income by promoting the consumption of rice through
development of quality rice powder products and development of the rice processing industry.
It pursues win-win growth of the industry by providing ambitious technical support, eco-friendly investment and
transferring quality control technology to improve the conventional processing method, which is the characteristic
of the rice processing indsutry and non-standardized process.

Nongshim Flour Mills branch information
Adress 485, Tangjeongmyeon-ro, Tangjeong-myeon, Asan-si, Chuncheongnam-do, Republic of Korea
Tel 041.540.4900
Fax 041.540.4859
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