Shinramyun Cup World
Baduk Championship

Nongshim, corp. holds Shinramyun Cup World Baduk
Championship for the development of Baduk
enthusiastic fans of Baduk.

Shin Ramyun Cup World Baduk Championship is the only world team championship between countries, which is proceeded in the method of successive winning, where each 5 players of Korea, China and Japan participate.

Since the first championship in 1999, it has settled down to the best world Baduk championship. Nongshim Shin Ramyun Cup World Baduk Championship is leading the popularity of Asian Baduk and is welcomed especially by Chinese Baduk fans.


Host, Organizer Korea Baduk House Foundation
Sponsor Nongshim
Nongshim China Crisis Association, Japanese Go House Foundation
Award for winning 500 million KRW
Award for successive winning 10 million KRW for three successive winning, additional 10 million KRW for one more winning thereafter

Game Rule

Time for Match One hour for each, initial reading 1 min/once
Bonus 6 and half homes
Method of Match 5 players each from Korea, China and Japan plays match in the successive winning method.
Selection of Players 3 Players from Domestic Selection Match + 1 Wild Card Player + Domestic Ranking No. 1

Game Results

# Winning Country # Winning Country # Winning Country
1 Korea 9 China 17 China
2 Korea 10 Korea 18 China
3 Korea 11 Korea 19 Korea
4 Korea 12 Korea 20 China
5 Korea 13 China 21 China
6 Korea 14 Korea 22 Korea
7 Japan 15 China 23 Korea
8 Korea 16 China 24 Korea
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