Green mountains, clean water, and abundant fields –
Our products embody the magnificence of the four seasons.

Our products embody a simpler lifestyle and the 5,000-year history of the Korean people.

Our products embody the careful and wholehearted preparation that forms the essence of Korean food.

Embodying Korea’s nature, history, and food culture
with a firm belief that food is life,
and a promise to produce only reliable foods,
Nongshim’s dedication has been focused solely on the food industry.

Nongshim represents the history of the Korean food industry
and the future of global food corporations.

Today, Nongshim is delivering a healthy and happy food culture to dining tables in Korea and beyond.

The Nongshim R&D Center analyzes the composition of raw ingredients down to nanograms to find the most optimal taste.

The Anseong Plant specializes in manufacturing noodles, soups, and beverages with a completely automated process.

The intelligent Gumi Plant manufactures Shin Ramyun using its high-speed production line.

The Asan Plant specializes in manufacturing snacks with its state-of-the-art agricultural product storage and processing facility.

The Anyang Plant manufactures all of Nongshim’s products with its eco-friendly management system.

The Busan Plant, which holds standardized global food safety certifications, specializes in exporting products.

The Noksan Plant is manufacturing the next-generation of healthier, dried noodles to lead the food industry of the future.

The smart, Baeksan Artesian Water Factory in Mt. Baekdoo offers healthier water for the citizens of the globe.

And Nongshim’s Poseung Logistics Center boasts world-class automated logistics facilities.

With all its infrastructure in R&D, manufacturing, and logistics that exceed the global standards, Nongshim is advancing into the global market.

The World’s Best Noodle - Shin Ramyun

Korea’s no. 1 Chajang ramyun - Chapaghetti

The noodle with amazing broth - Ansungtangmyun

A snack anyone can enjoy – Shrimp Crackers

Flavor that never gets old – Onion Rings

The clean waters of Mt. Baekdoo – the Baeksan Artesian Water!

Nongshim’s products have become a favorite food of the Korean people.

With its relentless effort, advanced technologies, and passion for unparalleled quality,
Nongshim has added another page to its history by creating Space Ramyun.

From Doongji Cold Noodles to Bean Sprout Rice Noodles,
Nongshim is industrializing authentic Korean cuisine
to spread Korean flavor and food culture around the globe.

Expanding beyond Korea to the world - Nongshim
Today, Nongshim is a global food company that exports Ramyun and snacks to over 100 countries worldwide.

China is the world’s largest Ramyun market where 44 billion units of Ramyun are sold every year.

Since establishing a Ramyun factory with state-of-the-art facilities in Shanghai, China in 1996, Nongshim has achieved continuous growth in the Chinese market.

With Shin Ramyun topping the monthly sales chart for single items in China’s major retailers, Nongshim is driving the new Korean Wave in China’s food culture.

(Chinese consumer interview)
The texture of the noodle is chewy, which is very good,
and the spicy broth well represents Korea’s unique flavor.
Spicy food and Shin Ramyun are perfect for my taste.

In addition to Shanghai, Nongshim has also built ramyun, snack, and mineral water factories in Qingdaoa, Shenyang, and Yanbian.

Nongshim is also hosting the Shin Ramyun Cup World Go Championships to strengthen the value of the Nongshim brand.

Nongshim is no longer just a food company from Korea,
But is recognized as a localized food company that stands by the everyday life of Chinese consumers.

The United States is a market where products from across the globe compete.

Having exported Ramyun to the United States since the 1970’s, Nongshim established Nongshim AMERICA in California in 2005, establishing the cornerstone for expanding throughout United States and Latin America.

Nongshim AMERICA operates a 51,480 square meter factory, consisting of 2 bagged noodle and 3 cup noodle production lines that are running 24 hours, totaling to over 400 million products per year.

(US Interview)
Nongshim has a wide range of products that is distributed throughout North America. We have a traditional bag product, a bowl product, and for you people on the go a cup product. As well as wide variety of snack products that is distributed to the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Our belief in quality is tasted in our product. Our goal is to reach out worldwide and to become No.1.

Nongshim AMERICA products are sold through North and South America through large retailers such as Walmart, Costco, and Sam’s Club, making the dining tables of the entire American continent healthier and happier.

Korean flavor is popular even in Japan, the origin of Ramyun with a competitive market worth 600 billion Yen.

Since establishing the Japanese Office in 1981, Nongshim’s expansion into the Japanese market took a major step forward with the foundation of the sales branch Nongshim Japan in 2002.

Nongshim Japan is capturing the taste buds of Japanese consumers with Korean’s spicy flavor ramyun in the Japanese market, where over 400 new ramyun products are launched every year.

Furthermore, Nongshim Japan is carrying out sampling events and executing aggressive advertising on TV, newspaper, online, airports, billboards, and at pro baseball stadiums.

(Japan interview)
I love Shin Ramyun. It’s not just spicy, but it’s spicy in a delicious way.
so I am constantly craving it. It’s a bit spicy and makes me sweat. But it’s really good.

In 2014, Nongshim established a sales branch in Sydney, Australia, which is the biggest consumer market in the southern hemisphere, and is capturing the love of these consumers with Korea’s spicy flavor.

Shin Ramyun is sold at both of Australia’s largest retailers – Woolworths and Coles, and Nongshim is carrying out aggressive marketing in the field.

At Jungfrau, the highest mountain in Europe, over 50,000 Nongshim Ramyun products are sold every year, which is causing Ramyun to become a popular menu in Jungfrau.

[Jun Prun, Jungfrau Observatory Sales Manager]

We began selling Nongshim Ramyun 5-6 years ago because Korean tourists asked for it.
But now, it has gained popularity among American, Asian, and even European tourists.
Beyond Asia to Janfrau, the peak of Europe to Punta Arenas, Chile, the southernmost point on the planet, Nongshim has become a global food company loved by customers around the world.
Just as Nongshim has introduced Korean flavor to the world,
Nongshim is also introducing global food to Korean consumers.

Today, world-leading brands like Kellogg’s, Welch’s, Capri Sun, Chupa Chups, Active O2, Tulip ham, Mentos, Ajinomoto, House Food, Itoen, and Smucker’s have become strategic partners of Nongshim.

And such global growth was made possible by the affiliated companies in the Nongshim Group.

From Nongshim Holdings, the pure holdings company of Nongshim Group -

To Yulchon Chemical, the leader of advanced packaging technologies -

Mega Mart, a hypermarket that is leading a new shopping culture -

Taekyung Nongsan, creating world-leading food ingredients with authentic Korean flavor -

NDS, the IT service partner for a successful business -

Nongshim Engineering, the total engineering partner -

Hotel Nongshim, an oasis within the city -

Ildong Lake, a world-class golf club -

Nongshim Communications, a global marketing & communications agency -

Nongshim Flour Mills, the leader of the rice processing industry -

And Nongshim Capital, the best partner for financial solutions -

All affiliated companies within the Nongshim Group are working together to create a healthier and happier global village.

For the first time in the Korean food industry, Nongshim was awarded the 100 million Dollar export tower, a recognition of its contributions to globalizing Korean food.

And with the food industry’s highest rating in the Dow Jones Sustainability index, Nongshim’s outstanding performance is recognized globally.

And as a food company that looks after life,
Nongshim is sharing its care and love to those in need throughout the global village.

Nongshim will continue its efforts so that everyone in the world can enjoy happiness, health, and satisfaction through food.

With a firm belief that food is life,

we’re taking Korean flavor to the world.

Nongshim will continue its endeavors
to become a global food company.

Making the global village happier with healthy food


Magnificent mountains, fresh water and fields with richness- Untainted nature exuding ancient mysteries- We deliver the marvelous nature of four seasons.

We represent a frugal life of Koreans which they’ve been maintaining for more than five thousand years.
We also contain the Korean culture that is not only brilliant and powerful but also gentle and mild with wholehearted support.
Nongshim has walked on the way of a belief that the food is all about our lives in terms of its environment, history and culture to produce a credible food.
We passionately step forward to the world with the originality of Korean culture.
A flagship of the Korean food industry, Nongshim has been developed as good as the other global food companies.
The R&BD center that analyzes harmful elements down to the smallest degree!
The Noksan plant ? the high tech eco-friendly plant that produces healthy products!
The Poseung Distribution Center ? where one finds world-class efficiency standards and storage capabilities!
Nongshim boasts world-class infrastructure, including R&D, production and distribution capabilities.
The world’s best noodle, Shinramyun,
A spicy Yugyejang cup noodle, a great taste of a soup, Ansungtangmyun, and the world-famous Shrimp Crackers that are loved by everyone;
Onion Rings that are delicious down to the very last piece ? these Korean favorites are also becoming a big international hit.
. At Jungfrau, the roof of Europe, where you could reach after several hours by train, over 5 million units of Nongshim noodles are consumed annually and they are becoming one of Jungfrau’s specialties.
The effort of Nongshim to produce a healthier and safer food, and create a high quality food resulted in writing an extraordinary history of making a Space noodle.
Moreover, Nongshim has commercialized traditional foods such as Doongji cold noodle
Ttookbaegi, HooRooRook Blackbean Paste Noodle, Noodle Lite 275
to spread our culinary traditions and flavors around the world.
Nongshim, reaching out to the world!
Nongshim exports noodles and snacks to over 70 countries worldwide.
We built a plant in China and America. We also carry out some advertising and marketing by establishing a local office in overseas such as China, Japan, Vietnam and Russia and it has led to an outstanding growth in local markets.
Moreover, to further establish its place in Southeast Asian, Australian, European, and South American markets, we are constantly expanding our sales branches worldwide.
Global No.1 noodle company!
Nongshim continues to move toward that dream.
China, the world’s largest consumption region of noodles, has over 7000 registered noodle brands.
Having a highly equipped noodle factory in Shanghai in 1996, Nongshim has continually grown in the Chinese market.
We broke through the market by instilling in the minds of the Chinese that noodle is best cooked on the stove instead of pouring boiling water over it.
Persistently pursuing the market with the belief that Chinese will love the spice as Korean does, we’ve created a Korean wave in the Chinese culinary culture.
Shinramyun maintains its no.1 position in single product sales in large Chinese supermarkets.
The idea that Nongshim’s products are trustworthy and tasty is quickly developing around this product.
Viewing the Chinese market as a miniature world market, we’ve established a global sourcing plant for foodstuffs in Qingdao. Our new noodle and snack factories in Shenyang attest to our business’s progressive growth.
In addition, activities such the Shinramyun World Baduk Competition help promote our brand image.
Nongshim is no longer just a noolde or snack company, but is being recognized as a part of the Chinese lifestyle and one that adds to China’s economic development.
Japan’s 500 billion yen ramen market
Nongshin has run the business since 1981 in Japan, and we started to take off with the establishment of Nongshim Japan in 2002.
Nongshim Japan differentiated itself with an exclusive Korean spiciness in the competitive Japanese market, where over 400 new types of noodles are introduced each year.
Another strategy to localize the business has been to invent new products such as Shinramyun Kimchi, Kim (Nori) Ramen and Uma Ramen to satisfy the diversity of Japanese palates.
Nonghim Japan is expanding its advertising and marketing campaigns by various mediums such as TV, buses, airports, electronic displays in the city centers, subways, trailers, seaside resorts, and professional baseball games as well as product sampling events.
We also conduct fan meetings in the city centers about 3-4 times a year to improve brand awareness.
As an outcome of these such targeted marketing strategy, Shinramyun has been selected for an internationally renowned brand by Japan’s mainstream TV station TV Tokyo in 2004 along with Post-It and Tsingtao Beer.
Remarkably, Shinramyun beat other competing noodle brands in the spicy noodle category and was ranked no.1 in brand recognition in 2008.
Nongshim exported noodle to the US since the 1970s, and established Nongshim America in 2005 in California. It thereby launched a stepping-stone for breaking through not only the American but the South American market as well.
Nongshim America has a 12-acre production plant, equipped with 2 packaged noodle lines and 2 cup noodle lines that operate 24 hours and produce about 200,000,000 products annually.
We’ve developed products that suit American tastes, after having scientifically researched and analyzed American culinary preferences.
We’ve been also expanding the market based on the knowledge that Asian cuisine is considered as a high cuisine in the US; elaborating on the popular Saengsaeng Udon for example.
Nongshim America’s products are spreading across the continent to people of all backgrounds through large discount store chains such as Walmart, Costco and Sam’s Club.
Endless effort to become a global food company While actively breaking through foreign markets, Nongshim continues to work on the fundamentals - strengthening its high-tech distribution system and its trading capabilities.
We also have a partnership with the world’s no.1 food brands such as America’s Welch’s- creator of the world’s best grape juice; Denmark’s Tulip Ham -Europe’s biggest processor of meat; America’s Kellogg’s cereal and Campbell’s juice, Germany’s Capri-Sun and Spain’s Chupa-Chups.
Such globally sought-after products are being supplied to Korean customers in the fastest and freshest way through the Nongshim Poseung Distribution Center.
With forward-looking creativity, scientific management and high-tech equipment, Nongshim is rising up to become a truly global food company!
Nongshim will strengthen the core businesses, build new plants in China and establish bases in Southeast Asia, Europe and the US in order to stand on par with world-class businesses.
Moreover, as a company that’s responsible for people’s well-being,
we will pay more attention to those living under difficult conditions.
Honored to be the first in the country to receive the Dow Jones Satisfaction Award in the food category, we will take this as an impetus to do more for society.
Nongshim, a company that reaches out to the world; a company whose customers are happy!
With our customers, Nongshim is growing into a global company that works to ensure good health and happiness!

General overview of departments and plants of Nongshim

The space is called “Nongshim Campus,” where members of diverse departments can freely share their opinions and come up with creative ideas outside their offices. The space is also used by local residents as an open space for customers.

Nongshim R&BD Center
To make processed foods safer than natural foods, Nongshim established the lab in 1965 when it was established. The lab evolved into Nongshim R&BD Center in 2007. The Center has been the birthplace of countless Nongshim hit products, from Sogogi Ramyun, Anseongtangmyeon, Shin Ramyun and Doongji Cold Noodle to Shrimp Chips, which is nicknamed “the snack of Koreans,” and beverages.

Food Microorganism Analysis Center
The Center analyzes various types of microorganisms including colon bacteria, bacteria causing food poisoning, toxins of microorganisms, mycete and viruses.

Leadership Center
Nongshim established the Center with an area of 4,460㎡ in 2007, as it felt the need for a leadership center where it could develop business leaders given the rapidly changing management environment.

Gumi Plant
Everyone must go through an air shower before entering into Gumi Plant, in order to prevent damages related to foreign substances.
Gumi Plant is the first state-of-the-art unmanned plant in Korea. It produces 480 packs of Shin Ramyun per minute and 691,200 packs of Shin Ramyun per day.
Noksan Plant
Noksan Plant produces Doongji Cold Noodle and Doongji Noodle with the aim of producing healthy products that promote longevity.
The Central Control Tower of the Plant manages a fully automated unmanned production process using the state-of-the-art control system.
Its reliability and safety has been proven domestically and internationally by acquiring the HACCP, ISO9001, ISO9002 certificates and even the ISO14001, which certifies for the environmental management.

Poseung Logistics Center
All products have automatic sensors attached, and the entire process from loading to shipment and inventory management is operated automatically. The entire process from order placement to delivery is operated within three days non-stop. Nongshim Poseung Logistics Center has a per hour processing capacity and storage capacity that are three times higher than the Nagoya Logistics Center, which is widely recognized as the world’s best.
Myths and Truths about Instant Noodles

Q: Can we eat instant noodles with confidence?
A: Nongshim does not use GMO ingredients at all, and uses only safe and good oil with no trans fat. Nongshim makes all of its products MSG free, a first time for the Korean instant noodle industry, and its products do not contain any swelling agents or artificial colors. The food made by Nongshim is completely safe.

Q: Do instant noodles contain preservatives?
A: The microorganisms that make foods go bad can live only when the environment is ideal, and the most important factor is moisture. Microorganisms live and propagate only when the moisture content within the tissue exceeds 12%. Nongshim controls the moisture content of its instant noodle products at 4% to 6%, which means our instant noodles cannot be contaminated by microorganisms and there is no need to use preservatives.

Q: How nutritious are instant noodles?
A: According to the analysis conducted on Shin Ramyun and Kimchi by the Nissin Foods Institute, the representative side dish of Korea, the PFC percentages of one Shin Ramyun and 100g of kimchi are as follows: Protein 9.6%, fat 28.3%, carbohydrates 62.0%, plus various minerals, vitamins, fibers with only 21% calories. Considering that many consumers eat instant noodles with kimchi, instant noodles are make highly balanced meals compared to other many foods.

Guess how it tastes like? It’s refreshing and gorgeous like me. I don’t think you can guess it! It’s a whole new taste. Refreshing sauce with chewy noodles. Ah~ so refreshing! Nongshim, Dressing Noodle Behold refreshing things! If you sprinkle the dressing, the noodle becomes refreshing. Oh~ Dressing Noodle. I hope the freshness only stays between you and me~ Nongshim Dressing Noodle I recommend it!
Kim Dae Myung : Brother first rice noodle~ Lee Sung Min : Brother first hot pot~ Kim Dae Myung : Rice noodle Lee Sung Min : Hot pot Kim Dae Myung : Rice noodle ~ Lee Sung Min : Hot pot Narration : Light breakfast~ Everyone : Ah~ Kim Dae Myung : Great! Bean Sprout Hot Pot Rice Noodle
Baekdu Mountain Water contains an abundance of silica which vitalizes the body. Mt. Baekdu, Baeksan Mountain Water, Nongshim
Shim: I heard that Kal Guk Su (Spicy Seafood Flavor) is very delicious… Make me some~ Me: A real Kal Guk Su noodle with spicy soup Shim: I have to eat all of them. Kal Guk Su (Spicy Seafood Flavor) from Nongshim Shim: Isn’t it fantastic? Kal Guk Su (Spicy Seafood Flavor)
Ramyun is the most delicious food in the world! At last, JEON HYUN MU shoots a commercial for ramyun! Spicy and chewy! Woah~ It tastes better than ever~ ANSUNGTANG~MYUN!
man1 Na: Woah! Check out the sexy fox! man 2 Na: Who’s she? Go talk to her. man 1 Na: Hi! Hey there. Min Dohee: Aloha. It's me, HARMONT! Squeeze out the barbeque chili paste and eat it like this (Hururuk) It’s so good I almost cussed. I could cry! What are you gawking at? Go buy your own! Together: My name is BIBIMRAMYUN HARMONY!
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