We are doing our best to develop various products
through continuously investing on R & D and innovating
related systems, and provide customers
with safe and healthy food.

R&D Center

Developing safe and healthy food
with the
mind of an honest farmer

Since its foundation in 1965, Nongshim has devoted itself
to developing food that attracts the taste of Korean people and global market based on its own technology developed through R&D activities.

Nongshim R&D develops ramyun, snacks, beverages, convenient foods and also conducts sustainable research on food ingredients, future food, nutrition & functions of health functional foods, bioengineering technology, cooking science technology, and packaging technology to provide safe food as a global food company. In addition, it is securing cutting-edge technology for food safety that customers can trust and eat by possessing world-class food analysis and safety technologies.

Product development

Globalization of the taste of Korea using a global R&D network

Nongshim is striving to improve cutting-edge technology based on the three spirits of ‘craftsmanship’, ‘pioneering customer needs’, and ‘creating new tastes’ as a leading Korean food company.

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Nongshim's product development spirit is incorporated in the history of new product launches. Products that were developed and launched by Nongshim for the first time include 'jajangmyeon', 'snack', 'cold noodle' (making it processed food for the first time in the world), and 'extrusion rice noodles'.
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Nongshim seeks and develops healthy natural materials using fermentation technology and efficacy evaluation technology, and applies them to its products. In addition, it is focusing on research on fermented ingredients such as cheonggukjang and bean paste by paying attention to the functionality of Korean traditional health ingredients. Nongshim is constantly researching natural food materials that can be applied to products through the development of new functional peptides to prevent lifestyle-related diseases, aging, and obesity, development of technologies to improve bioavailability and protein processing technology, maintenance of functionality, and development of alternative materials.

In addition, we intend to maintain nutritional design and optimal nutritional balance through constant communication with customers. To this end, Nongshim is conducting research on healthy eating habits of ramyun and development of future-oriented products. It is designing products that can improve health and utritional value through nutrition and metabolism studies of processed foods.
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Nongshim has been operating a testing laboratory accredited by the Korean Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (KOLAS) for the first time in the industry in 1997. In addition, we have the highest level of food analysis technology in Korea, and use state-of-the-art analysis equipment to ensure product quality and safety.

Nongshim is developing products with food safety as the top priority from the development stage, and is also making efforts to develop technologies to reduce harmful substances in order to provide safe food to customers,. Nongshim is the first in the industry to acquire HACCP for all products in all factories, and we are producing products by applying strict hygiene and safety management standards to all stages from raw materials to finished products.
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Packaging is the face of our products. The packaging of Nongshim products is designed to be easy to use and accurately recognized from the perspective of consumers by introducing the concept of universal packaging. In addition, we adopt the concept of 3R for a sustainable world and consider reduction of packaging material use (Reduce) when we develop packaging materials, designing packaging for more convenient recycling (Recycle) and reduction of environmental burden upon reclamation such as biodegradation(Reclaim).

Nongshim utilizes global R&D networks around the world to develop the highest quality products to spread our tastes to the world. It operates a systematic system from production to management to standardize taste and strengthen product power.

세계지도 : 농심 R&D센터(서울), 미국 R&D (LA), 중국 R&D (상해), 일본 Technical 지원센터 (동경) 세계지도 : 농심 R&D센터(서울), 미국 R&D (LA), 중국 R&D (상해), 일본 Technical 지원센터 (동경)

In order to satisfy the tastes of various customers with age, region, and cultural differences, Nongshim is doing its best to measure and analyze the principle of taste and sensory characteristics through the training of a panel specializing in sensory evaluation. This in-depth study on taste has been applied to Nongshim products exported to more than 80 countries around the world, contributing to the globalization of the taste of Korea.

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