Vietnamese Style Dressing Noodle

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"It is a recipe made with the motif of Bunbo Sao, a popular menu of Vietnamese rice noodle shop. Bunbo Sao is a dish that mixes seasoned roasted beef, rice noodles, and Nước chấm sauce, enhances appetite with spicy and refreshing flavor. Dressing noodle goes so well with Nước chấm sauce~ "

1 Dressing Noodle, 15g fish sauce, 100g Vietnamese Spring Roll sauce, 20g chili sauce, 20g lemon juice, 12g minced garlic, green and red peppers one of each, 50g pineapple, 63g sugar, 50g onion, 100g vinegar, 100g water, 30g lettuce, 50g beef tenderloin, 4g soy sauce, a little sesame oil


  1. 1

    Wash the onions and cut into a ring shape with 0.2mm thickness.

  2. 2

    Make vinegar sauce with water, vinegar, and sugar in a ration of 100g, 100g, and 50g then add the onions from step one to let it rest.

  3. 3

    Wash the green chili pepper and red pepper and finely chop them.

  4. 4

    Cut the beef into 0.5cm * 0.5cm size, and then add soy sauce, sesame oil and sugar (3g).

  5. 5

    Put a little cooking oil in a frying pan and fry the beef from step 4 for 2 minutes on high heat and let it chill.

  6. 6

    Cut the pineapple into 3cm * 3cm, 0.5cm in thickness and fry it front and back until well cooked on a frying pan without oil.

  7. 7

    Wash lettuce and cut into 2cm long and soak in cold water.

  8. 8

    Make sauce by putting Vietnamese Spring roll sauce, chili sauce, lemon juice, minced garlic, sugar (10g), step 3, and step 5 on a mixing bowl.

  9. 9

    When the water boils in the pot, boil the noodles for 4 minutes and 30 seconds and rinse it in cold water then drain.

  10. 10

    Place the noodles in a bowl and add drained lettuce, pineapple, pickled onions, and add sauce and seasoning packet.

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