Italian Dressing Noodle

Neat explanation

Italian dressing with onions, spices, and pepper makes the dressing noodle even more refreshing!

1 Dressing Noodle, 30g extra virgin olive oil, 24g red wine vinegar, 2g salt, 22g sugar, 2g minced garlic, 2g mustard, 16g onion, 10g green olive, 10g green bell pepper, 5 rocket leaves, black pepper little, 2~3 drops lemon juice


  1. 1

    Wash the onion and cut it to 0.2 * 0.2cm.

  2. 2

    Wash the green and red bell pepper, and cut into 0.2 * 0.2cm.

  3. 3

    Cut the olives into 0.2 * 0.2 cm.

  4. 4

    Place the noodle in 500ml of boiling water and cook for 4 munites and 30 seconds. Rinse the cooked noodles in cold water to cool the noodles and drain the remaining water.

  5. 5

    Add red wine vinegar, salt and sugar in a mixing bowl and stir well and dissolve the salt and sugar.

  6. 6

    When it is completely dissolved, add olive oil, minced garlic, mustard from steps 1, 2, and 3 and mix well.

  7. 7

    Mix the noodles well with the prepared dressing and place it in your bowl. Garnish with the rocket leaves.

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