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What Is Ramyun?

All about tasty ramyun

Ramyun, how can we explain?

Ramyun is an instant food made of noodle that is steamed, fried then dried and of soup base.


Only fried noodle is ramyun?

With the recent changes in the market, dried noodle, cold noodle, rice noodle which are not fried are newly introduced as wellness products. Nongshim's Vegetable Ramyun, Doongji Cold Noodle, Hooroorook, Rice Chajangmyun/Champong, and Tteokguk Noodle soup are instant dried noodles which are easy to eat with the features of existing ramyuns. These are broadly included in the category of Ramyun.

야채라면 물김치냉면 후루룩국수 사골떡국면 우리도 라면이랍니다~

What is the prototype of Ramyun for any Korean?

01 뜨겁고 얼큰한 ‘국물’과 꼬불꼬불한 ‘면’으로 이루어진 식품, 02 출출할 때 간편하게 만족감을 줄 수 있는 식품, 03 저렴하고 알차서 경제성이 높은 식품

Ramyun has many merits.

Simple food for all! Ramyun became a beloved and popular food for it is easy to cook and eat.

Ramyun is easy to cook in no time.
3~5 mins of cooking is short and anyone can easily cook it only with boiling water.
Ramyun is available anywhere.
With its small volume and high portability, Ramyun is available anywhere. It is exported to more than 100 countries and one can purchase it anywhere around the world.
Ramyun has long shelf lives
Ramyun has a long shelf life of 4~5 months without refrigeration/freezing. This is because the moisture content is maintained below 10%(practically 4~8%) where no microbe can survive. Thus, ramyun contains no preservative.
Ramyun is highly economical.
The price of Ramyun is half of that of other meal replacements. It may be the most economical food considering its rich ingredients. This cheap price is possible due to mass purchase of raw ingredients.
Ramyun is a meal replacement.
One pack of ramyun has enough calories and nutrition to replace one meal and provides satisfaction after eating. It is potable without any side dish and it is easy to eat in any situation where table setting is unavailable.
Various types and flavors of Ramyun
There are so many different types and flavors of ramyun and it is impossible to try all of them. Among famous Ramyun bloggers, one reviewed more than 600 types of ramyun.
Ramyun can be applied in different manners.
Cheap and easy-to-get ramyun can be used as an ingredient for various cooking not only by adolescents but also by professional chefs. It also became a source of new culinary culture as fusion ramyun, such as Chapaguri, appears by concocting ramyuns of different features.

여기서 잠깐! 그래도 라면의 가장 큰 장점은 뭐니뭐니해도 ‘맛있다’는 것입니다. 먹어도 먹어도 질리지 않고 돌아서면 다시 생각나는 라면맛!

There are different types of ramyun classified by the method of manufacturing the noodles.

Current ramyuns in the domestic market can be categorized as below by the method of manufacturing the noodle.

면류의 유형별 종류 - 유탕면, 건면, 사출건면, 생면, 냉동면 의 특성과 관련 제품으로 구성
Fried Noodle 油炸面 Fried noodle is made by steaming and then frying in oil. Steamed noodle is fried in oil heated up to 150˚C to lower the moisture content below 10% where no microbe can propagate. Nongshim controls the moisture of fried noodle below 7% for the longer shelf life without preservative. In the process, steamed noodle further becomes easy to cook and gets the unique flavor of ramyun.
Fried Noodle Products
신라면 짜파게티
Dried Noodle 干面 This is not fried but dried with hot air after steaming. Steamed noodles or Hot air dried noodles are dried through the hot air drier for about 30 minutes. Compared with fried noodles, the cooking time is longer but the oil content is lower and it gives clean taste.
Dried Noodle Products
야채라면 후루룩국수
Injection Dried Noodles 挤压干面 Nongshim's injection dried noodle is made by steaming rice cake paste, pushing it through a wicker tray and naturally dryinged with hot air after rolling. It is a type of dried noodles but contains the higher ratio of rice and other cereals. The noodles become chewier if made by high pressure.
Injection Dried Noodles Products
둥지냉면 라이스 짜장면
Raw Noodles 生面 Raw noodles of Nongshim is made by sterilizing steamed noodles with organic acid. With much moisture, the cooking time is shorter and the texture is closer to that of uncooked noodles. ※ Traditionally vinegar is added to increase preservability when making Gimbap. Likewise, Nongshim uses the safe organic acid(acidulant) when producing raw noodles.
Raw Noodles Products
생생우동 생생야끼우동
Frozen Noodles 冷冬面 After boiling noodles, they are quickly frozen(-40˚C) in the cooling water. Frozen noodles are quickly cooked only by defrozing in boiling water and they best preserve the freshness of paste. Thus, the texture is chewy and smooth as if just boiled.
Frozen Noodles Products
농심가락짜장면 농심가락사누끼우동

Ramyun is classified by the forms of packaging into bag noodle and bowl noodle.

면류의 유형별 종류 - 유탕면, 건면, 사출건면, 생면, 냉동면 의 특성과 관련 제품으로 구성
봉지면 Bag noodle refers to the ramyun content packaged in a vinyl bag. It is generally cooked by adding noodles and soup base in boiling water for 3-5 minutes.
Bag Noodle Products
신라면 짜파게티
용기면 Bowl noodle refers to the ramyun packaged in a paper or polystyrene bowl for convenience. Pour boiling water and eat after 3 minutes. It can be useful at different places where cooking is difficult.
Bowl Noodle Products
신라면 새우탕
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