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How to Make Ramyun

All about tasty ramyun

How to Make Ramyun

Follow the adventure of Shin Ramyun Black where flour becomes a ramyun.

Adventure of Shin Ramyun Black
My name is Black.  
I'm 'Shin Ramyun Black'.
Wow~. I can't belive I'm here in the end!
It is surprising!
I have dreamt to be something awsome.
I wanted to be the most delicious and healthiest noodle to satisfy noodle manias anywhere and anytime.  
And here I am, I've done it.
Come and see.
This video shows how I am made. The birth of Shin Ramyun black!
Everything starts here.
We waited anxiously about our future. Yes~ I was plain flour at first.
But shall we begin?
Mixed with well-concocted seasoning and water for 20 minutes, I have gotten the excellent taste.
Here, we are classified and shaped. Then, we are sent to the next stage. How will we be changed?
I am still curious.
Next, we become dough, and oh, we arrived at the roller here!
As you know, I was scared of being flattened. And look how I have been changed! 
I have become a completely smooth and flatttened sheet from a lump of paste.
After 7 times of rolling, I got to know what I would become.
I have become a ramyun, what people all around the world enjoy.
Ouch, wait, where are we going?
It is really hot and humid there. But it doesn't matter.
Because I know I am changing into a tasty and nutritious ramyun. This is why it is hot.  
Well, it was not too hard!
After enough cooling, I will become a bowl ramyun.
Oops!!! I am going to toward the boiling oil.
Where am I?
Something has changed.
I am now a bowl ramyun!
This is time to put on clothes!
Wait a moment...... Is this it?
Shin Ramyun Black?
Healthy premium ramyun?
This is it!
With rich vegetable flakes and Shin Ramyun black soup powder, I eventually accomplished my mission.
One more crisis to overcome! Alien substance detector.
Nongshim products should be perfect.
Or, that's the destiny.
I've done it!
I have become a Shin Ramyun Black and prepared to go out into the world.
Made of the healthiest and the freshiest ingredients, I will be the most delicious ramyun. At the final destination of my journey, I now realizes that it just started! Do you hear? The delicious sound of drooling over.
Khaa~ Enjoy this perfect taste! My name is Shin Ramyun Black.

How to make Noodles

Pleasure to see! Pleasure to eat!
Take a closer look into “How to make vegetable flakes!”


  • Mixing
    : Flour is mixed with water to make dough.
  • Making Noodles
    : Mixed flour is thinned through the roller and made into the noodle shape by noodle making   machine. The noodles become wavey by slowing down the speed of the conveyor belt.
  • Steaming
    : Wavey noodles are steamed through the steam box of higher than 100℃.
  • Frying
    : Ramyun is fried at the high-temperature bucket of 150℃ into which fresh palm oil continues   to be supplied.
  • Cooling
    : Cleanly fried ramyun is cooled while being moved by hygienic automatic facilities.
  • Packaging
    : Adding packaged seasoning, the automatic packaging machine wraps up the ramyun as a   complete ramyun.

3 million units of ramyun are produced in a day, then is the oil fresh?
Unlike fried chicken made in stagnant oil, ramyun is made by using the successive frying equipment where the fresh oil continues to be supplied and the used oil flows out.

How to make soup powder

The key of ramyun! Let's look into the process of making soup powder.

스프 만들기 공정

Ramyun Soup powder is made by concentrating natural food ingredients, drying and making into power, then packaging it by the regular volume.

<Process of making soup powder>

Soup powder is made of different natural ingredients.

For instance, ‘beef flavor base’ is made of the main ingredients of beef and beef leg bone and supplementing ingredients such as garlic, onion, and soy sauce. Beef broth is made in the same manner at home, except the quantity.

Shin Ramyun Soup powder is called as Nongshim's Magic soup powder! The secret of its taste is revealed.
Vegetables and spices constituting the flavor of soup powder lose their own flavors and tastes during the process of cooking such as frying or heating. However, Nongshim conserves the taste and flavor of raw ingredients with its unique know-how and the latest facilities. Thus, we can offer the excellent taste of Shin Ramyun soup powder to our customers.

How to make flakes

Pleasure in seeing & eating! Take a closer look at how to make soup extra.

별첨스프 만들기 공정

Ramyun has the soup extra to add taste and nutrition besides the soup powder. The essence of the technology is to preserve the natural taste and flavor together with the nutrition by minimizing the cooking process.

Splendid colors and different types of vegetable flakes

Soup extra is made by slicing various foods such as green onion, chili, and mushroom into the regular size and by drying them. It complements the taste of Ramyun soup and gives nutritional balance. In the recent years, as the drying technoloy develops, the quality has improved and wider range of foods are available as soup xtra.

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