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Food Safety Activities

Nongshim makes its effort for 'Customer Assurance' from ingredients inspection to production and distribution.

식품안전활동 관련

Management of Customer Assurance

Nongshim services trustworthy foods from the cultivation to the table.

식재료 안전관리

  • 원산지 관리
  • 잔류농약 검사
  • Non-GMO 관리
  • 방사선/방사능 검사

생산 위생관리

  • 전 공장/제품 HACCP 인증
  • 전사 품질관리 체제운영

유통 안심관리

  • 식품이력추적제도
  • GYR 등급제

Nongshim strictly manages agricultural and livestock products to produce safe foods.


Nongshim Food Safety Research Center

Accredited by the Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (KOLAS) in 1997 for the first time in the industry, Nongshim predicts and analyzes harmful factors in advance and conducts technology transfer and consulting on food safety.

Origin Control

Nongshim only purchases and uses safe ingredients through THE regular inspections and examinations on origin, quality and prudence of ingredients such as potato, shrimp, salt, rice and agricultural products.

Pesticide Residue Inspection

In order to prevent any use of ingredients having pesticide residue, all agricultural products and relevant products entered into Nongshim are inspected and monitored through 230 tests utilizing the-state-of-the-art analysis equipment (GC-MS/MS, LC-MS/MS etc).

Inspection on Radiation& Radioactivity

Inspection on Radiation

For the analysis of the criteria for food mark and the sterilization of the inspection on radiation, physical test(PSL, TL, ESR method) and chemical test(hydrocarbon analysis using GC-MS) were introduced and we undertake constant and multifaceted management.

Inspection on Radioactivity

In order to secure products safety from radioactive substance, Gamma spectroscopy equipment was introduced in 2011. The regulated types(131l, 134+137Cs) of the imported or marine ingredients are strictly monitored.

철저한 검사와 점검과정을 통해 안심하고 드실 수 있는 원료를 공급받습니다. 최첨단 장비와 국내 최고의 분석연구원들이 식품의 잠재위해요소를 파악하여 정기적으로 검사를 진행합니다

For safety in the manufacturing process and quality control, Nongshim applies the management system of global standard.

  • 농심 R&D센터
  • 농심 R&D센터
  • 농심 R&D센터
  • 농심 R&D센터
  • 농심 R&D센터
  • 농심 R&D센터
  • 농심 R&D센터
  • 농심 R&D센터
  • 농심 R&D센터
제조공정 관리 시스템 소개
  • 냉동면 최초 HACCP 지정을 시작으로 농심은 전공장, 전제품이 HACCP를 지정받았습니다.
  • 농심의 품질을 달성하기 위하여 구매, R&D, 생산, 마케팅, 영업/관리 부서에 이르기까지 농심품질시스템(NSQ)를 운영하고 있습니다.
  • 정기적으로 FDA, SGS등 공신력 있는 기관의 품질심사를 거치고 있습니다.

All plants products accredited with HACCP

All Nongshim plants operate the hygiene management system of HACCP criteria in order to prevent harmful factors of foods.

HACCP(위해요소관리우수) - 식품의약품안전처

What is HACCP, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point?

Hygiene management system in order to prevent any insertion or contamination of biological, chemical or physical hazard factors into the foods from the production of food ingredients to the intake by the final consumers.

All companies operate ISO 9001(Quality administration system)

Nongshim complies with and manages ISO 9001 for the Nongshim products of trustworthy quality.

ICO(ISO 9001) : International Certification Registrar Ltd.

ISO (International Organization for Standard) 9001

International standard set by ISO for quality administration system, which certifies the satisfactory and constant maintenance of products and services provided to customers according to the requirements

Busan Plant operates FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification)

FSSC 22000 criteria is complied in order to guarantee the global level safety of products for export.

iso 9001 kfq Food Safety System Certification

FSSC (Food Safety System Certification) 22000

International standard on food safety/security recognized by GFSI. Food safety certifying system by meeting the criteria on hygiene, safety and security through the whole process from raw ingredients to production and distribution in order to produce the products meeting customer satisfaction.

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