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Commitment with Customers

Safe manufacturing processes, production of healthy food for health and happiness of our customers think of first exit to keep your promise.

  • Instant Noodles with Better Nutritional Value

    Like Shin Ramyun Black, which provides balanced nutrition with more solid ingredients and beef bone extract, Nongshim has developed products with higher nutritional value. Its efforts will continue.

  • Instant Noodles with Less Sodium

    The traditional Korean diet has high sodium content, but Nongshim’s efforts to reduce the sodium intake of Koreans continue. Enjoy reduced-sodium but still savory instant noodles of Nongshim!

  • Low-Fat Instant Noodles and Snacks

    Nongshim has developed low-fat products for health-conscious consumers including Rice Noodle, Nongshimgaraknaengdongmyeon and Geonmyeon with fat content of 0.5g to 4g; and SUMI CHIPS with less fat than a doughnut, by reducing the fat content by about 30%.

  • Snacks with Enhanced Fibers

    Onion Rings with 4g more fiber for health: The recommended daily fiber intake is 25g to 30g; the average Korean gets 7g. Since 2005, Nongshim has been adding more fiber to its products. Our Onion Rings now have as much fiber as two cucumbers.

  • Instant Noodles and Snacks with Enhanced Calcium

    Instant noodles and snacks with the calcium content of one and a half cups of milk: Nongshim is continuously increasing the calcium content of its products to solve the health issues of Koreans related to calcium deficiency.

  • Better Oil for Snacks

    Use of better oil for snacks: Nongshim has made efforts to find better oil for health, and finally developed the oil with the ideal components of 1.0 polyunsaturated fatty acid, 1.6 monounsaturated fatty acid and 1 saturated fatty acid. It has used the oil with this ideal formula to manufacture snacks since October 2007.

  • NO preservatives

    Nongshim does not use preservatives. The instant noodles and snacks of Nongshim can be stored for a long time without preservatives. As they are all dehydrated foods with moisture contents are below 10%, microorganisms cannot propagate. In addition, Nongshim uses catechin extracted from green tea and natural tocopherol as antioxidants. Nongshim uses nature to preserve healthier foods.

  • Non-Fried Instant Noodles

    Geonmyeon of Nongshim is made using a non-frying process. This is the perfect solution for instant noodle lovers who are health-conscious.


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