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Sumi Potato Chip

Sumi Potato,
Only can be found in Korea!
Sumi Potato Chips
Sumi Potato,
Only can be found in Korea!
Sumi Potato Chips

Sumi Potato, Only can be found in Korea! Sumi Potato Chips

상품 상세정보

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Introduction of Product

SUMI Profile

수미감자로 만든 프리미엄 감자칩

My name is SUMI!

SU means excellent and MI means beautiful.

It is easy to say and easy to remember.

It is familiar and attractive and has a beautiful meaning. Made with the finest handpicked Sumi potatoes, the taste is also excellent.

I tried it once and was immediately hooked.^^*

My name is SUMI!

SUMI POTATO is delicious.  

SUMI POTATO has 11 times more sugar content than other potatoes for processing, giving it a rich and sweet potato taste. It is more delicious than other potato chips and very crispy too.

It is the best suited 

Potato to our taste.      

SUMI potato was hard to make into potato chips. However, the low temperature vacuum method of NONGSHIM gave birth to the SUMI POTATO CHIP.

It is fundamentally

Different from regular potato chips.

This potato chip is fundamentally different from regular potato chips created using the basic method which uses potatoes prepared for processing. A fundamentally different potato chip using a better variety of potato, SUMI POTATO CHIP is delicious.  


11 times the amount of reducing sugar

A reducing sugar is any sugar that is capable of acting as a reducing agent because it has a free aldehyde group or a free ketone group. This includes glucose, fructose, maltose, glyceraldehyde or arabinose.  

SUMI Profile

수미칩 160kcal

SUMI POTATO CHIP Family members

The NONGSHIM SUMI POTATO CHIP is made using the finest SUMI potatoes from Goksung, South Jeolla Province, fried in the vegetable oil of rice bran and palm oil made from coconut. Seasoning salt and the fried and sun-dried salt of the waters of Shinan, South Jeolla Province add excellent flavor to the potato chip. 

수미칩은 수미감자와 미강유, 팜유 그리고 볶음 천일염으로 만듭니다.


Oh~ How incredible!
One pack of SUMI POTATO CHIP contains as much as 93% fresh Korean sumi potato. 

Top secret about the birth of the SUMI POTATO CHIP!! 

수미칩 160kcal

Top secret about the birth of the SUMI POTATO CHIP!!
The extraordinary secrets about the birth of the SUMI POTATO CHIP have now been revealed!  

Sumi potato refers to what we eat at the table. 

However, the sumi potato contains more reducing sugar which makes it taste sweeter than potatoes for processing, and it browns easily using common techniques. Therefore, the sumi potato cannot be used for just any old potato chip. 

Here’s an interesting fact.

Potatoes used for conventional potato chips are not sumi potatoes but are potatoes cultivated only for processing. 

Until now, the sumi potato had not been used to make potato chips. However, NONGSHIM was the first and only company to give birth to the SUMI POTATO CHIP using its exclusive low temperature vacuum method. 

The SUMI POTATO CHIP is made in a vacuum state where the pressure is lower than the air pressure.

It allows product processing even at a low temperature. The ingredients do not lose much of their taste, scent, color, and or nutrition at low temperatures and the features of ingredients are preserved. 

SUMI POTATO CHIP is, a premium potato chip made of Korean potato, created using our own technology and taste. 
SUMI POTATO CHIP Manufacturing Process
  • 01. 신선한 수미감자를 고릅니다.
  • 02. 선별된 감자를 깨끗이 씻습니다.
  • 03. 껍질을 벗기고  일정한 두께로 썹니다.
  • 04. 진공저온공법으로 감자칩을 만듭니다.
  • 05. 만들어진 감자칩에 양념을 합니다.
  • 06. 중량별로 봉지에 담습니다.
  • 07. 농심 수미(秀未)칩 완성.

Features of Product

Sumi Potato Chip(Original) 큰이미지

  • Sumi Potato Chip(Original) 썸네일1

Sumi Potato Chip(Original)

  • 출시년도


Sumi Potato Chip 큰이미지

  • Sumi Potato Chip 썸네일1

Sumi Potato Chip

  • 출시년도


Sumi Potato Chip(Onion) 큰이미지

  • Sumi Potato Chip(Onion) 썸네일1

Sumi Potato Chip(Onion)

  • 출시년도


Sumi Potato Chip (Basil Pesto) 큰이미지

  • Sumi Potato Chip (Basil Pesto) 썸네일1

Sumi Potato Chip (Basil Pesto)

  • 중량


  • 출시년도


Features of Product

Potato chips with perfect crispiness from Korean Sumi potato and Italian basil pesto


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