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Jinjja Jinjja

True hot pepper flavor!
Jinjja Jinjja
True hot pepper flavor!
Jinjja Jinjja

True hot pepper flavor! Jinjja Jinjja

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Introduction of Product

Refreshing and spicy 'Jinjja Jinjja'

Nongshim's 'Jinjja Jinjja' returned with refreshing and spicy flavor of hot pepper.

Features of Product

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Jinjja Jinjja

Fried Noodle?

Fried Noodle

Fried noodle is made by steaming and then frying in oil. Steamed noodle is fried in oil heated up to 150˚C to lower the moisture content below 10% where no microbe can propagate. Nongshim controls the moisture of fried noodle below 7% for the longer shelf life without preservative. In the process, steamed noodle further becomes easy to cook and gets the unique flavor of ramyun.

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Features of Product

'Jinjja Jinjja' means 'really real' in English. Jinjja Jinjja(= Really Really) Delicious! 

Refreshing and spicy broth!

   Thick port broth is added with hot pepper. 

Thin and chewy noodles!

   Thin and chewy noodles go well with spicy broth soup. 

■ Plentiful flakes!

   Green onion, red chili and egg toppings are conserved as large flakes. 

Basic Recipe for Product

1. Boil 500ml of water. Add noodles and seasoning powder and boil for 3 more minutes.

2. Remove from heat. Add flakes and stir well. Put in a bowl and enjoy. 


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