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Kal Guk Su (Spicy Seafood Flavor)

Specialty restaurant flavor
Kal Guk Su
Specialty restaurant flavor
Kal Guk Su

Specialty restaurant flavor Kal Guk Su

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Introduction of Product

The harmonious mix of the original rice noodle and the spicy soup creates the “Kal Guk Su (Spicy Seafood Flavor)” that all Koreans can enjoy

1. Nongshim has found the delicious Kal Guk Su flavor!

- On top of the seafood broth made from clams, mussels, and anchovies, we've added our special hot pepper paste to bring out the rich ‘spicy’ flavor.

2. Nongshim has developed the special noodle for just Kal Guk Su! 

- Nongshim's 50 years of experience and techonology are used! 

- A diamond shape noodle! 

  With its thick middle and thin ends, you may feel two different txtures at the same time.

- It's only 365kcl! Enjoy light with our non-fried noodles. 

3. Same as the authentic Kal Guk Su!

- The large and fresh ‘leek’ upgrade its flavor. 

- We have improved its aromatic flavor with our garnishes such as zucchini, squid, seaweed, sesame seed, and so on. 

Features of Product

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Kal Guk Su

Dried Noodle?

Dried Noodle?

This is not fried but dried with hot air after steaming. Steamed noodles or Hot air dried noodles are dried through the hot air drier for about 30 minutes. Compared with fried noodles, the cooking time is longer but the oil content is lower and it gives clean taste.

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Features of Product

The delicious Kal Guk Su flavor that Nongshim found!

   A rich ‘spicy noodle’ that comes from the ‘aged hot pepper paste sauce’ added into the seafood broth made from clam, mussels, and anchovies. 

Special Kal Guk Su noodle that Nongshim developed! 

‘Double texture noodle’ that chewiness and softness can be felt simultaneously.

The same feel as the authentic Kal Guk Su with the ‘non-fried’ noodles and rich ‘large leek’ garnish!

Basic Recipe for Product

1. Boil 500 ml of water, add the noodle and the spicy seafood flavor powder, leek garnish, and boil for 5 more minutes. 

2. Turn off the heat, add the aged seasoning sauce, pour it in a bowl and enjoy.

* For best rich flavor, the aged spicy seasoning paste should be added last.

* Depending on personal taste, moderate the amount of aged spicy seasoning paste.


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