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Perfect for my taste!
Perfect for my taste!

Perfect for my taste! Ansungtangmyun

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Introduction of Product

Extracted broth soup by boiling, pioneer of the age of noodle soup!!

'The soup tastes great, just the thing for my taste'. Famous as this phrase in Korea, Ansungtangmyun was developed with the proposal to realize the flavor of cabbage leaf soup enjoyed at old country markets. 

The deep flavor extracted from beef bone and meat brings the original flavor of cabbage leaves together with soybean paste and chili powder. The thick broth soup and chewy thin noodles are beloved by Koreans. 'Ansung', the long-standing breadbasket, was also famous for its beef market so as named as 'Ansungmatsum' which means ‘Ansung is fit for all’. Nongshim paid attention to the high recognition of Ansung by consumers and emphasized the local name and broth taste by using 'Ansung' in the product name. 

The first soup concept ramyun of deep broth soup set a new record of sales totaling KRW 4.1 billion in just three months from its release. In the next year 1984, its annual sales recorded over KRW 20 billion. As Ansungtangmyun became popular, 'Youngnam-tang', 'Honam-tang', 'Seoul-tang' and other imitation products were introduced disproving its popularity at that time.

Features of Product

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Fried Noodle?

Fried Noodle

Fried noodle is made by steaming and then frying in oil. Steamed noodle is fried in oil heated up to 150˚C to lower the moisture content below 10% where no microbe can propagate. Nongshim controls the moisture of fried noodle below 7% for the longer shelf life without preservative. In the process, steamed noodle further becomes easy to cook and gets the unique flavor of ramyun.

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Basic Recipe for Product


1. Boil 1 1/2 cups (550ml) of water.

2. Add noodles and soup base.

3. Cook for 4~5 minutes and serve.

[Ansungtangmyun cup]

Open the lid up to arrow mark. Add soup base to noodles and pour boiling water up to the inside line. Close the lid and wait for about 3 minutes. Stir well and serve. 


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