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Social Contribution

To become a global food company that pursues everyone’s health and happiness

Social Service Corps NONGSHIM SSC

We, Nongshim, started up our businesses in 1965 based on 3 major spirits: Gae Mul Seong Mu (whose core values are creative and entrepreneurial spirits), Nongshim's Philosophy (in pursuit of coexistence and happiness with willingness to share with neighbors) and Do Yeon Spirit (referring to ceaseless innovation and frontier spirits to open a better world). Having risen as a global food company that pursues customers health and happiness based on Nongshim's Philosophy, we inaugurated Nongshim SSC (Social Service Corps) in March, 2007. Since then, we have actively engage in social contribution.

  • 어린이날행사
  • 어린이날행사
  • 어린이날행사

Philosophy & System

The philosophy of social contribution aims to implement a sustainable management and contribute to the development of local communities by carrying out environment-friendly economic activities and initiatively performing social commitments. To live up to this philosophy, we’re in pursuit of becoming a long-lived company that coexists with them. To this end, we've engaged in social service activities of our own and operated social contribution programs (suitable for us as a food company) that can meet the needs of those local communities. Operated under the slogan that "we pursue neighbors' happiness through sharing love with them".

Nongshim SSC consists of Operation Commission and 7 SSC established at each workplace (including Head Office SSC, Anyang Plant SSC, Anseong Plant SSC, Ansan Plant SSC, Gumi Plant SSC, Busan SSC and Noksan SSC), all of which have engaged in social contribution based on their own annual activity plan, as through providing social services and contributing products to charity facilities or organizations.


Rural Outreach

  • We provide helping hands to the contracted potato farms in connection with workplace

Children's Day Nongshim Snack Park

  • Decorating the headquarters at Shindaebang-dong as snack park on the Children's Day, we provide various games and gifts to children and proceed programs for families.

Products Contribution and Service Activities

  • Each department regularly visits Seoul Seniors Welfare Center, and provides free food service. We donate our products and dining to the welfare facilities for children and the disabled.

Scholarship and Donation

  • We provide scholarship for the selected promising students of middle, high, undergraduate and graduate.
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