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We've tried our best to develop various products through continuously investing on R & D and innovating related systems, and provide customers with safe and healthful food.

  • 농심 R&D센터
  • 농심 R&D센터
  • 농심 R&D센터
  • 농심 R&D센터
  • 농심 R&D센터

The R&D Center is working to develop whole, perfect and safe foods that promote longevity, with the vision of “Global R&D with Creativity, Challenge and Pleasure.” In addition to developing the technology that will create new businesses for the future, the center is striving to develop products and technology that will achieve the sustainable growth of our existing businesses. Most notably, the center is prioritizing safety and consumer trust in our foods.

Global R&D Network

해외연구소 지점


  • 중국R&D(상해)
  • 미국R&D(LA)
  • Technical 지원센터 일본(동경)

The role of the Institute of International

  • Standardization of main brands (Global brand)
  • Trend analysis (products, technologies, etc)
  • Localized product development (Local brand)
  • Network with universities and research centers worldwide
  • Scout talented experts around the world

3 Principles of Product Development

Nongshim pursues product development based on three principles: craftsmanship, leadership in meeting customer needs, and creation of new flavors.

Nongshim launched the nation’s first instant Chajangmyeon(noodles with black bean sauce) and first snack food products, contributed to the globalization of Korea’s spicy foods, commercialized Naengmyeon(cold noodle) for the first time in the world and developed rice noodles made with an Injection Molding Machine, based on the three principles.

Advanced Technology of Nongshim R&D

Nongshim, which is equipped with foresight regarding the market and the industry’s best core R&D competencies thanks to its R&D Center and the Food Safety Center, is leading the development of new types of noodle products and providing consumers in the global market as well as the Korean market with safer and healthier products. In particular, instant noodle seasonings with natural flavors and aromas, using advanced manufacturing facilities including a low-heat extractor, high-heat cooker and Z-CVD, and the innovative rice noodle products developed using Nongshim’s unique technology are emerging as healthy foods for busy people. Noksan Plant, where healthy products including rice noodles, naengmyeon and dried noodles are produced using eco-friendly facilities, is strengthening its position as the birthplace of the future food industry.

Low-Heat Extraction Technology

To use fresh vegetables or meat as ingredients in packaged foods, they normally need to be dehydrated and extracted by being heated, dehydrated and extracted. During this process, ingredients lose their freshness due to the high temperature and the high pressure. Low-heat extraction technology, which is one of the advanced technologies developed by Nongshim, extracts the juice from ingredients at room temperature and concentrates the juice at a low temperature to maintain the natural flavors.

General Thermal Decomposition and Extraction Process

1.원료, 2.가열분해 : 85~120℃ Freshness 손실, 3.고온농축 : 50~52℃ 갈변/맛변성

Low-Heat Extraction Process of Nongshim

1.원료, 2.착즙,분리 : 상온, 3.저온농축 : 원료 고유의 맛과 향,영양 손실 최소화

Vacuum Cooking Technology at High Temperature

When cooking the base ingredients, it is better to cook at a high temperature for a short period of time in order to capture rich flavors. The high-temperature cooker of Nongshim uses thermal oil of 200 ℃ or higher, enabling higher-temperature cooking compared to cooking in a steamer. In addition, the processing time can be innovatively reduced through vacuum cooling.

Characteristics of Vacuum Cooking Technology at High Temperature

가마솥의 직화 조리 풍미, 농심의 고온 진공 쿠킹

고온 진공쿠킹의 장점

  • 1. 원료의 신속한 온도 상승
  • 2. 진공냉각으로 인한 빠른 냉각 및 농축효과 : 가마솥의 조리 풍미 구현

Continuous Dehydration through Zeodration

To make instant noodle seasonings, processed ingredients need to be dehydrated and concentrated. The rich flavors of the ingredients are maintained, as the Zeolite installed at the concentration part selectively collects and discharges moisture and maintains the aroma constituents.

Zeodration 연속 건조 과정

Vacuum Frying Technology

Using unique vacuum frying technology, Nongshim made potato chips out of a Korean potato cultivar which comprises about 80% of the Korean potato yield, and is notoriously difficult to make into potato chips. The potato has high sugar content and is rich in flavor compared to other potato cultivars that have been used for processing, but it was difficult to make into chips due to browning. Nongshim overcame the challenge with the vacuum frying technology of frying the potatoes at a low temperature.

Characteristics of Vacuum Frying Process

Vacuum Frying 공정 과정

감자맛이 풍부한 국산식용감자 수미감자 > 감압 -740mmhg 110℃이하 저온,빠른 Fiying 시간 > 맛있는 수미칩

Dried Noodle Manufacturing Process Using Injection Molding Machine

The dried noodle manufacturing technology that Nongshim commercialized enabled the production of rice noodles with a rice content of 80%, proving the technological excellence of Nongshim. The technology also enables the production of various healthy noodles made from various grains, which was not possible with previous noodle making technologies.

Noodle Manufacturing Process using Injection Molding Machine

사출면 제조 Process
  1. 원료계량
  2. 혼합
  3. 호화
  4. 사출
  5. 커팅
  6. 건조

Core Areas of Technology Development

In its technology development, Nongshim is focused on the five areas of taste, nutrition, efficacy, environment and safety, and aims to realize customer values with health and happiness.

고객가치 실현 5대 핵심영역

고객가치 실현

5대 핵심영역

  • 한국의 맛을 세계화
  • 한국의 맛을 세계화
  • 식생활연구
  • 영양 발란스
  • 건강/영양가치 증진
  • 생활습관병 예방
  • 노화, 비만역제
  • 전통소재의 기능성
  • CI/BI 디자인
  • Universal Design
  • 친환경 포장
  • 안전/안심 보증


In order to satisfy the tastes of different consumers, we conduct research for standardization and scientification of the taste of food. We are analyzing the principles and varieties of taste by analyzing cognitive perceptions of taste and taste mapping. Efforts are being undertaken to satisfy the consumers' tastes different by ages, regions or cultures through continuous training of the professional panel for sensory tests and development of new technologies and techniques for sensory tests. These researches on taste contribute to the globalization of the Korean taste as these are applied to Nongshim products, which are exported to about 100 countries around the world.


Nongshim's products aim to maintain the nutritional design and optimal balance of nutrition by steadily communicating with customers. Nongshim is developing technology for assessing digestibility and improving materials for this purpose. We are designing our products so that they contribute to health and have good nutritive value via research on nutrition and metabolism of processed foods.

Health Functions

To satisfy modern consumers' concerns regarding health, Nongshim explores and develops healthy natural materials via zymotechnics and the technology for assessing efficacy. Taking note of the functionality of Korean traditional health base materials, we also strive to conduct research on fermented materials such as cheonggukjang or doenjang. Nonshim studies natural food materials which are applicable to products by investigating functional new peptides for prevention of lifestyle diseases, aging and obesity, and by developing the technology for improving bio-availability and for processing protein.

Environment (Convenience)

Our universal design in food packaging focuses on prompt recognition and convenient use for consumers. Therefore, Nongshim's product packaging designs are developed in consideration of ages, sexes, or nationalities of different consumers. Furthermore, we introduced the concept of Reduce, Recycle and Reuse in order to develop sustainable and environment-friendly packaging, which utilize limited resources efficiently. In this way, we prioritize the reduction of packaging materials used via optimized packaging design, the application of packaging substances which could be easily recycled, or the feasibility of recycling, for example, by using refill containers.


All Nongshim products are produced under strict hygiene management throughout the entire course from raw materials in warehouses, each production process, to the completed products. "Food Safety" is put first from the product development step. We also strive to develop technologies for analyzing and reducing potential harmful factors. In order to do this, Nongshim operates its "Center for Food Safety" which is internationally certified by KOLAS, and utilizes the highest level of food analysis technology in Korea to assure the safety of products.

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