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Global Nongshim

Nongshim is creating a Korean wave in the global food markets

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The most authentic Korean taste!

Nongshim has been focused to expand its market toward the world with the philosophy that 'the most authentic Korean things are the most global things', which captured the hearts of people around the world and allowed Nongshim products to be available anywhere in the world.
From the head of the earth, Jungfrau, to the Himalaya of the back and to Punta Arenas, Chile of the leg, Nongshim is serving the role of 'Korean food exporter' promoting the Korean taste.

Experience Shin Ramyun, now in over 100 countries!

Shin Ramyun in the world (by main countries)

미국 국기 United States of America
Direct trade contract was concluded with the world's largest distribution company, Walmart.
Shin Ramyun Cup is offered as the menu for in-flight meal to the world's largest American Airline.
In April 2013, production facilities were increased for the advancement into the American market.
칠레국기 Chile
At the south end of the Earth, Punta Arenas, Chile, Shin Ramyun House is popular with tourists visiting the South Pole.
아랍에미리트 국기 United Arab Emirates
In 2011, Halal Shin Ramyun for muslims was launched.
일본 국기 Japan
April 10th is celebrated as the Day of Shin Ramyun.
Shin Ramyun fan club is operated, we export the Korean hot taste to the homeland of ramyun, Japan.
네팔 국기 Nepal
Shin Ramyun Cup is popular among the trackers of Annapurna of the Himalaya.
중국 국기 China
Shin Ramyun is sold to the world's largest electronic commerce business 'Taobao'.
Premium Strategy.
영국 국기 United Kingdom
A sales contract was concluded with Morrison, one of the four major distribution companies in the UK.
Official sponsorship contract with 'AFC Wimbledon' of the Premier League.
스위스 국기 Switzerland
Shin Ramyun Cup and Shin Ramyun Black Bowl are sold at the stall of Jungfrau.
Sales contract was concluded with Migros, the largest distribution company in Switzerland.
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  • USA Nongshim

    USA Nongshim



  • Shanghal Nongshim

    Shanghal Nongshim

    中国 上海市 金山工业开发区 揽工路840号(201506)
  • Qingdao Nongshim

    Qingdao Nongshim

    中国 山东省 青岛 胶州市 营海镇工业园地 (266071)
    Gongyeyuandi, Yinghaizhen, Jiaozhou, Qingdao, Sandong, China
  • Shenyang Nongshim

    Shenyang Nongshim

    中国 辽宁省 沈阳市 沈阳经济技术开发区 四号街 3甲1号 邮政号码(110027)
    3jia 1hao, Shenyangjingjijishukaifaqu 4haojie, Shenyang, Lianing, China
  • Yanbian Nongshim

    Yanbian Nongshim



  • Japan Nongshim

    Japan Nongshim

    農心ジャパン 日本東京都千代田区霞が関1丁目4番2号 大同生命霞が関ビル4階
    Daido Seimei Kasumigaseki, Bldg. 4F, 1-4-2,Kasumigaseki,Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan


  • Austrailia Nongshim

    Austrailia Nongshim

    Suite 2.8, 56 Delhi Road North Ryde NSW 2113
    +61 02-9870-7178~9
    +61 02-9887-4973

Since the establishment in 1965, Nongshim has pioneered the culinary culture by creating products such as Shin Ramyun and Shrimp Crackers and by specializing the technologies.


The half century history of Nongshim can be parallel with the history of ramyun in Korea. Production of new innovative products with the best R&D capability in the industry contributed to the rapid growth of Nongshim. The challenging spirit and the executive power have been the driving forces for Nongshim's product development.

From Yukejang Bowl Noodle Soup which opened the era of cup noodle to Ansungtangmyun made at the specialized facilities for soup base, and Shin Ramyun conquering the world with its spicy flavor or to the first snack in Korea, Shrimp Crackers, Nongshim has always been pioneering new markets. Even today, Nongshim is seeking a new growth potential for the food market and tempering to lead the world market with its creative products and specialized technologies.

한국 본사 위치 맵

Nongshim Headquarter

  • - Established in 1965
  • - Production and sales of ramyun, snacks and etc.
  • - The sales No.1 in Korea(1985~)

Anyang Plant

  • - First production in 1976
  • - Production line (noodle, snack)

Ansung Plant

  • - First production in 1982
  • - Specialized production facilities for soup base
  • - Production line (noodle, beverage)

Asan Plant

  • - First production in 1991
  • - Specialized production facilities for snack

Gumi Plant

  • - First production in 1991
  • - Production line (noodle, snack)

Busan Plant

  • - First production in 1976
  • - Production line (noodle, snack)

Noksan Plant

  • - First production in 2007
  • - Dried and rice noodle specialized production   lines
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Nongshim established LA Plant in 2005. Through selection and concentration it made the market to grow and is exporting the Korean taste not only to USA but also to Canada and Mexico.

Nongshim America

Shin Ramyun as a 'Must-buy' product

Exporting ramyun into LA since 1971, Nongshim established the Nongshim America as a foreign corporate in 1994. Its LA Plant started its operation in 2005, currently producing 500 million products per year. Recently, Nongshim successfully advanced into the mainstream markets including Wal-Mart and Costso. In order to promote Shin Brand to the youth, our future customers, Nongshim is actively promoting through social media, various events, tasting events, sports marketing, K-Culture marketing such as K-POP and K-FOOD, Hollywood movies, TV soap opera PPL, media PR and other different marketing and promotion activities.

Plant Overview

In order to lay the foundation for the full-fledged advancement into the US instant noodle market, Nongshim established the LA Plant in June 2005. The Plant is equipped with an automated facility enabling the diverse types of packaging and the standardized quality production. Currently, the Plant operates three cup noodle lines, two noodle lines and soup lines, and its annual instant noodle production capacity reaches 380 million units. The Plant will supply products to the US and Canadian consumers and will serve as the base for product supply to the American continent.

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Nongshim advanced into China in 1996, where it has promoted the spicy flavors of Korea. Among Chinese consumers, Shin Ramyun has become synonymous with “real men”.

Nongshim Shanghai

Shanghai Nongshim was established in 1996 to advance into the Chinese market.

Centering Shanghai, it targets Guangzhou and Qingdao and recently the West inland regions like Uhan, Chungdou, or Jinan under the slogan of 'Along the Sun to the West', promoting the taste of Nongshim into the new regions in China.

Plant Overview

The Shanghai Plant, which became the foundation for Nongshim's entry into the Chinese market in 1996, is marketing more than 10 instant noodle products including Shin Ramyun and Shanghaetangmyun, using its state-of-the-art facilities and produces 200 million units per year. Shanghai Nongshim is serving as the bedrock opening the route for the advancement into new overseas market.

Nongshim Qingdao

Nongshim Qingdao established in 1996 to secure fresh raw ingredients.

The Qingdao plant is trying to secure ingredients safety for the main products, to lower the cost and to improve the products quality using the-state-of-the-art facilities. In order to become a global food ingredients company from China into the World, it constantly develops promising ingredients. Currently it supplies fresh ingredients and semi-finished products to the plants in China and Korea to produce instant noodles and snacks.

Plant Overview

Established in 1998, Qingdao Plant supplies fresh ingredients and semi-finished products to plants in China (Shanghai and Shenyang) and Korea for the production of instant noodles and snacks. It is equipped with a Dryer Line, an Extract Line, a Pellet Line and a Soup Line, and has grown into a plant that produces a variety of food ingredients.

Nongshim Shenyang

Nongshim Shenyang was established in 2000 to improve competitiveness in the Chinese market.

It targets Shenyang, the three northeastern provinces and the Capital Beijing and is making effort to promote the taste of Nongshim in Beijing to expand to the whole China. Currently, Shenyang Plant produces a wide range of products including Shin Ramyun, Shrimp Crackers and Onion Rings based on its production capacity of 400 million units per year.

Plant Overview

Nongshim Shenyang was established in November 2000 to reinforce the company’s market dominance in the Chinese market, and its annual production capacity includes 300 million instant noodles products and 0.1 billion snacks. Nongshim Shenyang produces various types of products, including Shin Ramyun, Jjolbyeong SNACK, Shrimp Crackers, Onion Rings and BANANAKICK SNACK, and markets them across the country. Together with Nongshim Shanghai and Nongshim Qingdao, Nongshim Shenyang is playing a leading role in promoting the flavors of Korea in the Chinese market.

Nongshim Yanbian

Nongshim Yanbian was established in 2007 to produce the best potable water brand recognized in the world as well as in Korea.

Based on the catchment area in Baekdusan mountain, one of the three major basins in the world together with the Alpes of Germany and the Caucasus of Rossiya, it produces a rare natural volcano bedrock water maintaining 6.5-7 low degrees around the year.

Plant Overview

Since January 2016, the new plant which produces 1 million units a year is established and is spurring to the full-fledged market advancement with the best quality and the best facilities. By laying railroad on the 1.7km-long distance from the plant to the neighboring rail station, it has equipped with distribution infrastructure to deliver products from the plant directly to trains.

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Nongshim Shin Ramyun is leading in the spicy flavor market in Japan with its well-established brand and distinguished hot flavor.

Nongshim Japan

Shin Brand taking root in the homeland of instant noodles.

Nongshim's entry into the Japanese market was accelerated by the establishment of Nongshim Japan in 2002. It continues to promote Shin Brand to the whole Japan by establishing branches at Osaka, Nagoya and Kushu. Recently, in order to improve brand awareness, it proceeded kitchen car tasting event, advertisements on websites, cart advertisement at Haneda airport and other various marketing activities. Furthermore, it carried forward sports marketing with Japanese professional baseball Softbank Hawks for consumer campaigns, events and actively utilized SNS targetting the youth. Consequently, Shin Ramyun is settling down as the strong spicy ramyun called ‘Umakarat(うまからっ)!’ which means 'it is hot and tasty at the same time' in Japan.

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In 2014, Nongshim established a sales corporate in Sydney, Australia, the largest consumption market in the South Hemisphere and is encharming the South with the spicy taste of Korea.

Nongshim Austrailia

Currently, Shin Ramyun is distributed by the two largest retail businesses in Austrailia: Woolsworths and Coles. Attracting the Australian consumers with the taste of Nongshim, it does its best for sales in site to become the No.1 Noodle Brand in the South beyond the Australian market.

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