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Business Partners

We stick to a philosophy that we will produce the world’s highest quality of products. We’ll offer customers various flavors rich in nutrients through our efforts to make a technical appliance with global food companies overseas.

  • Nestlé

    The world's leading nutrition, health and wellness company. The mission of "Good Food, Good Life" is to provide consumers with the best tasting, most nutritious choices in a wide range of food and beverage categories and eating occasions, from morning to night.


    Founded by W. K. Kellogg in 1906, Kellogg is a global health food company based in the U.S., with 42% of the worldwide market share in cereals. Kellogg cereals are well-balanced nutritional foods made with high quality corn, rice, brown rice, etc. and reinforced with proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, calci um, and iron. They are widely popular as breakfasts for busy business people as well as snacks for children, who enjoy them with milk.


    A world-class grape juice producer established in the U.S. in 1869, Welch's has made a license agreement with Nongshim, and has been producing and supplying high-quality Welch's grape juice, which has over 130 years of history, in Korea since May 2003. In addition, we are importing and selling Welch's soda products, which are highly popular among youngsters, from the U.S.


    Boasting over 130 years of long history and tradition, Campbell's is a world-class vegetable juice company based in the U.S. Since 1989, Nongshim has been importing and selling Campbell's V8 Vegetable Juice and Tomato Juice products in Korea.


    Founded by Willoughby M. McCormick in 1889, McCormick is the world's largest spice supplier with over 120 years of tradition. Based in Baltimore in the U.S., with subsidiaries nd joint-ventures in Canada, Britain, France, Spain, Australia, Swiss, Japan, Philippines and China, they sell products in over 100 countries.


    The manufacturer of Nongshim Denmark Ham, Tulip is the world's leading Danish royal food company with over 100 years of know-how and advanced technologies, and exporting to more than 130countries. The Nongshim Denmark Ham is produced from unfrozen live meat in Denmark, which is recognized a s a nation of clean dairy products worldwide. It boasts soft meat flesh and rich ham flavor as well as the highest quality and taste.


    Located on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, Alcurnia is a producer of high-quality peaches. Like its name, which means “Royal” in English, Alcurnia always pursues the highest quality. They use only selected peaches, cultivated and harvested on the Mediterranean coast, which boast excellent texture, taste and color. And their one-touch can products are easy to open.


    Barilla is a pasta manufacturer with over 120 years of tradition, and boasts over 30% of the market share in Italy. Barilla pasta is the authentic Italian “al dente” pasta that offers unique, excellent taste, and its freshness is maintained for a long time. The Barilla sauce that is made of natural ingredients and adds flavor to Italian pasta is loved the world over.


    The German company Wild developed Capri-Sun with its unique standing pouch pack in 1969.It is now loved by consumers in over 100 countries. Nongshim first introduced Capri-Sun to Korea in 1996, and has been producing and supplying it since 1998 under a license agreement with Capri Sun AG.

  • Perfetti van Melle
    Perfetti van Melle

    Perfetti van Melle is the third largest non-chocolate candy company in the world, and the 6th largest company of all confection. It produces and distributes candies and chewing gums in more than 150 countries worldwide. Several of its brands are much loved throughout the world including including Mentos, ChupaChups, Fruittella, Brooklyn, Alpenlieve, Golia, and Frisk.

  • 味之素

    The longstanding and foremost value for humanity is to maintain life, which is enabled by the most basic behavior of eating. AJINOMOTO, launching UMAMI spice in 1909 for the first time in the world, has researched foods in the attitude of a pioneer 'creating new value' for the last century. Furthermore, based on the deep research and understanding on various amino acids such as GLUTAMIC ADIE or LYSINE, we expanded our business into the medical sector and simultaneously proceeded worldwide businesses connecting the world through the network.

  • house Foods
    House Foods

    House Foods was established in 1913. It is now known as Japan's largest processor of spices, as well as the largest manufacturer and seller of such popular products as curry, stew sauce mixes, and ready-to-heat foodstuffs. Market share(SRI Data Feb.2016): Curry sauce mix 61%, Stew sauce mix 71%


    ACESUR has been active for more than 150 years producing, packaging and marketing of olive oil, since 1840, as well as a long tradition in vegetable oils sector. This accumulated experience reinforces ACESUR as a leading group within the national olive oil sector in Spain, also exporting its products to more than 90 countries around the world.

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